Who We Are:

We are a hungry group of individuals who are ready for a great meal or an awesome deal in and around Toronto! We wine and dine our way through local foodie events and come out with a satisfying and tantalizing stories to tell everyone about.  We are your guide to local eating in Toronto, we are YummyLocal!

YummyLocal Members:


Yummy Favourites:
Fried Egg on BBQ Pork @ Richmond Court
Spicy Salt Squid @ Congee Queen
Chicken Pakora @ Lin Garden


Yummy Favourites:
Lunch or Dinner @ Oliver & Bonacini
Chilli Chicken Boneless @ Lin Garden
Classic Burger @ Craft Burger


Yummy Favourites:
Original Bellini @ Milestones
BBQ Pizza @ Pizza Rustica
Brunch @ Brassaii

Alice Summers,

Yummy Favourites:
Strawberry Pancakes
Breakfast @ Fran’s Restaurant
Milkshakes @ South St. Burger Co.


Yummy Favourites:
Lemon poppy seed cake @ Frangipane
Almond Croissants
Almond Macaroons @ Stubbe

Tomato Pretz,

Yummy Favourites:
Large Fries @ McDonald’s
#102 @ Pho 88
Macrons @ Nadege Patisserie

Dumpling Diva,

Yummy Favourites:
Lamb Burger @ Craft Burger
#118 @ Pho 88
Frozen Dumplings @ T&T