TRAILHEAD Premium Lager

Trailhead Beer

On our way to promoting more local products such as  Ontario grown fruits and vegetables we might have overlooked something else not necessarily grown but brewed, in this case the city of Guelph.

While grocery shopping for my weekend get together I visited Loblaws to grab my usual BBQ staples (steak, chicken & veggies) and I managed to stop off at the LCBO to grab some drinks.   I wandered up and down the wine aisles and grabbed the usual white and red wines but i thought I’d be more adventurous when coming up with the beer selection when I noticed a sign for Ontario Craft Brewers.  The first thing that caught my eye was the cool colours of the cans and the awesome logo.  To complete my “Ontario” themed party I decided on some local beer and picked up 6 cans (473ml) Trailhead Premium Lager for everyone to try.

Trailhead beer has a good balance of malt sweetness along with a crisp hop bitterness in the after taste.    The beer is golden amber in  colour with a stale hop and corn aroma with a bit of sweetness to it.  We found the drinkability of the beer average with no long lasting after taste lingering in the mouth and a bit plain.

It was decided that this lager was average and would best fit for a different occasion such as a refershing drink during a game of golf rather than with a meal.

We rated this beer a 3 out of 5.

For more information on the Wellington Brewery or Trailhead Lager please visit


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