The Works – Gourmet Burger Bistro


All the hype surrounding The Works is real and the tasty burgers, milkshakes, and lineups are clearly proof of a new player in the race for gourmet burger supremacy.

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro is an Ottawa based burger giant that has exploded onto the Canadian national scene with agressive expansion  throughout Eastern Ontario in places like, Toronto, London, Guelph, and Waterloo.

We had the pleasure of visiting The Works’  Oakville location for this burger adventure and they did not disappoint, well not entirely.


The waiting area here was packed with anxious burger fans including myself  while we  waited for about an hour to get a seat but the worst and only real complaint of the entire visit was that we were all staring into the restaurant at empty tables!  There was no presence of mind from the staff to clear some tables and seat the increasingly frustrated patrons into the dining area.


Again, seen here are the empty tables and the poor people waiting in line to get into the restaurant.  There were 5 tables surrounding us either empty or waiting to be cleaned up.  Our visit started off on a bad note but this was quickly changed when the food arrived.


Now that the worst part has been taken care of, let’s get down to the finer details of the visit.  Seen here is the rustic exposed brick decor giving The Works a unique sense of style and character.  This location was deceivingly larger from the inside which, wouldn’t be too evident while looking at the store front.


Creative salt and pepper shakers shaped like light bulbs.  I had to pick them up and expect them myself to make sure they weren’t the real thing.  Style points all around with some unique details including the measuring cups used as soft drink/milkshake mugs.


The measuring cups were a great addition seen here with the coke and chocolate milkshake.   I guess you could really count your calorie consumption with the millilitres readings on the side.  The milkshake was something else,  tasted great with DQ Blizzard like consistency which was amazing – Highly recommend.


Some more photos of the six seater booths and walkway inside The Works.


In terms of menu choices, you’re going to have to do some homework before you head over to The Works because you’ll have a ton delicious custom choices to read through.   The first thing you have to do is choose your type of gourmet burger patty – Pure Ground Beef, Whole Chicken Breast, Ground Turkey, Veggie Burger, Portobello Mushroom Cap, or Domestic elk.    Next thing you have to do is rifle through over 40 topping combinations with almost every topping available including some notable mentions like,  avocado, eggplant, brie and blue cheese, Montreal smoked meat, walnuts, smoky brisket, pineapple, and much much more.


The moment of truth – an elk burger (yes, elk) with “SNAP-taculour” toppings made up of gouda cheese, crispy bacon and avocado – “Oh Snap!”and sweet potato fries.  The elk comes with a price upgrade of $3.39 but is definitely worth trying at least once.

The burger was simply fantastic, cooked perfectly and still juicy with every bite.  The elk had not hint of game meat flavour which is a huge turn off for many of us and the best part of it was it wasn’t greasy like any other burger out there.   Highly recommend this choice of patty with great taste and a health upswing along the lines of Bison.

Metal trays seem to be the growing trend and are used here to hold the massive burgers and the side fixings.


The fries were great, tasty and crisp and were a great addition to the meal.


We liked it so much that we had to take an elk burger to go but this time with regular fries.  As you can see here the portions are more than generous.


If you don’t want fries you can have a choice of mashed potatoes, spicy die cut chips, and in this photo above, “Bold Slaw” which has jalapeno pepper juice, and white pepper!

Overall great experience at The Works minus the waiting in line debacle, the burgers clearly speak for themselves in taste and the shakes are to die for.  Next visit will be to taste out the “HIGH OCTANE” Poutines and onion rings but we’ll have to wait and try out the new Toronto location opening up on the Danforth.

For more information please visit The Works website at –


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  1. oh my, those burgers look GOOD! I wonder where the location is in Toronto! I have to go check it out

    Posted by New Toronto Condos | March 1, 2012, 7:55 pm