The Fish Store


Put down the Fillet o’ Fish  and read carefully, the best fish sandwich in town resides on college street West hidden away from all glitz and glamour of downtown Toronto.

I first visited this place for lunch when my co-worker insisted that they have the best fish sandwich in the world,  so after little convincing we set course and never looked back.

The Fish Store is what is exactly what the name says, a neighbourhood fish store that has fresh inventory for their patrons serving up a variety of fish raw or cooked.

This tiny restaurant/store is made up of a small patio area in front, a display area crammed wall to wall with seafood, and a small kitchen in the back.

For our visit we ordered a scallop sandwich and the salmon on a whole wheat wrap.  The sandwich and the wrap were simply fantastic.  Huge juicy pieces of fish grilled to perfection with herbs and spices.

Home of the best fish sandwich in town, I was a true believer after this visit and I highly recommend it to everyone to check it out.


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