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Tandoori House

Tandoori House
4862 Yonge Street, North York

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Having received a discounted copy of Entertainment Book, I was on a mission to try as much good eats as possible with my coupons..

We stepped into the Tandoori House late in the evening on a Monday. Thanks to the vast condo population, the small local restaurant was quarter-filled even at 9 p.m. The Tandoori House menu is typical of an Indian restaurant and is filled with curry dishes and biryani specialties. For those who enjoy Indian food, Bombay Bhel, a chain Indian restaurant offers a very similar menu. I ordered my Bhel favorite, Lamb Korma with the side of Naan bread, for the sake of direct comparison.

Lamb Korma $11.99

Lamb Korma was not technically on the menu (chicken or beef Korma only). However, the kitchen was kind enough to create the dish for me with their specialty Korma sauce. Korma is different than regular curry mainly by the milk content in the sauce. And when comparing the Korma to the Curry dish my company ordered, it does have a much smoother texture that compliments the Naan bread nicely.

Naan bread $2.25

We ordered both Naan and Paratha for our curry dishes. I personally like Naan as side breads because of its simplistic flavor, that it wouldn’t take away the taste of the main dish. Paratha should be your pick if you normally like your side garlic bread to have extra cheese and butter in a western restaurant. Paratha has a much stronger spiced and buttery taste than Naan. The bread at Tandoori House is adequately flavored but I find the batch that we had was a bit more burnt than desired. We had 3 pieces of each order of Naan ($2.25) and Paratha ($2.50). It is not outrageously expensive, I suppose. After all, the restaurant is on Yonge Street at a major intersection.

How does this compare to Bombay Bhel? The portion and price range are very similar between the two restaurants. I personally prefer the consistency in the food at Bombay Bhel. You also get to choose between a variety of included sides (Naan, rice, etc.) when ordering a main dish.

As a fine dining Indian restaurant, Tandoori House lacks a little bit of personal touch in their food but performs well at the general popular dishes. The staff is very friendly and patient and would serve you well in this neighbourhood Indian restaurant.

Food: Decent, could be more consistent and have a bit stronger flavor
Excellent and friendly, flexible with off-menu items
Price: Fair for main dishes, slightly overpriced sides for the quantity
Plenty of Green P behind restaurant, non reimbursable


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  1. Thanks for the review! My husband is always after me to try new Indian restaurants (we tend to stick to The Host and Bombay Bhel) so it was great to see your take on this one.

    Posted by Lena! | September 6, 2009, 8:38 am
  2. Looks great! Down with The Host! Though I’ve never had Bombay Bhel before.

    Thanks for the review, I will have to try.

    Posted by Cindi | September 6, 2009, 11:20 pm
  3. I went to this restaurant with 10 other people on September 12 2010 at about 12:00 noon. I found the food to be ok..not spicy at all considering it was an Indian restaurant. The price was reasonably($10.99 per person for the lunch buffet). What i didn’t like was the (ladies)bathroom that reeked of stale urine and the toilet bowls that had a pink ring on the inside Or the mouse that kept running across the carpet as we were getting ready to leave. When the cashier told the owner(i think he was the owner) about the mouse, he simply smiled and continued serving the food. Meanwhile, there were women crouching on their chairs, some shreiking when they saw the mouse emerge from underneath an upholstered chair and run to the other side of the room. The owner looked on seemingly anused at their reaction, and went about serving the patrons on the other side of the floor.I would definitely not visit this restaurant again. It’s too dirty.

    Posted by jackpam | September 12, 2010, 5:33 pm