Richmond Court

A popular eatery that has always commanded a strong presence in the town of Richmond Hill. This Hong Kong style café has evolved into a one stop shop for Chinese cuisine that even houses a BBQ and bakery area.

One of the main appeals of this restaurant is the long menu, which includes:  noodles, soup/fried, rice, fried rice, baked dishes, dumplingsm dim sum, and etc.

Richmond Court has great prices and is open ridiculously late (3am) which makes it a popular hot spot for the late night snacker. The food is very consistent and usually is prepared promptly but the waiting staff can be a bit moody at times which makes it the Hong Kong style dining even more authentic! Parking can be horrendous during lunch time but the turn around on the meal will be worth the effort.

Recommendations: Baked Garoupa Corn Rice, Tomato Ox Tongue Rice


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