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Rich Land Chinese Cuisine
328 Hwy 7 Unit 25, Richmond Hill

Dim Sum menu

This review is for dim sum brunch/lunch only. The restaurant serves a very different dinner menu.

Among the multitude of Chinese restaurants in the Richmond Hill area, Rich Land Chinese Cuisine delivers quality food and service to stay in the competition. The food is authentic Chinese (say no to deep fried chicken balls), with mainly Cantonese dim sum served in brunch to lunch hours.

For those who are strangers to Chinese dim sum, it is a category of Cantonese cuisine in which food is usually crafted into small almost bite-sized portions, often served in bamboo steamer. I think dim sum meal is best enjoyed in a party of 3 to 4 people, such that everyone will get to try a piece of each variety.

Our family of 3 stepped into this Chinese restaurant for a dim sum feast for a late Sunday lunch. Each of us ordered our favorites on the dim sum sheet provided. The dim sum’s are categorized into Small ($2.60), Medium ($3.60), Large ($4.60), Special and Large ($6.90) for different price levels. The variety was above average for this slightly upscale dim sum restaurant.

Deep friend mini fish (whitebait) with spicy salt SP $6.90
Our dim sum lunch started off with my deep fried favorite whitebait fish. For those of you who are wondering, yes, the black dots are the eyes of the tiny fishes. I know the fear of eating the head of an animal, but you will never be able to tell between the head and the tail when you take a bite. It was all just deep fried goodness.

Clockwise from top right:
Shanghai style steamed buns with pork M $3.60
Jumbo shrimp steamed rice noodle roll L $4.60
Steamed bean curd roll with oyster sauce M $3.60

Dim Sum Collage 1

We all absolutely loved the steamed rice noodle roll with JUMBO shrimps. The large shrimps were cooked to perfection and they tasted very fresh. The rice noodle was thinly sliced and had a very smooth texture. For the price of $4.60, this is definitely a must-order item on the menu.

The steamed bean curd roll was 1 of the 6 vegetarian items on the menu (which has 68 in total) and had a mixture of mushrooms and other fungi like wood-ear that created a chewy texture that is rarely observed in vegetarian food. Don’t be intimidated – mushroom is fungus too.

On the subject of veggie, vegetarians might want to skip traditional dim sum restaurants and try vegetarian Chinese restaurants like Graceful Vegetarian Restaurant instead. They will provide much more variety than these traditional ones.

Clockwise from top left :
Deep fried taro dumpling S $2.60
Baked barbecue pork puff M $3.60
Boneless chicken feet in spicy sauce SL $6.90
Steamed superior shrimp dumplings L $4.60

Dim Sum Collage 2
When it comes to the exotic chicken feet, I do admit that I’m not a big fan myself. I don’t mind their form factor but there is something about the texture that is just not my cup of tea. However, my family did find Rich Land’s boneless chicken feet very appealing and tasty. Without the bones and shape to remind you what they originally are, would you venture a bite?

In terms of disappointment, the taro dumplings really did not deliver a tasty bite. The taro was not sweet enough to contrast the taste of the meat filling, and the meat was not seasoned enough step up to the plate either. You can most certainly find better taro dumplings than these.

To finish our lunch on a good note, we were served with another two of my favorites: barbecue pork pastry and shrimp dumplings. The barbecue pork was marinated very well and the pastry was light and fluffy. The only small adjustment I’d make is perhaps adding a little bit more meat into the filling. On the other hand, the shrimp dumplings were amply filled with a lot of the seafood.

Depending on your taste, the price ranges from $2.60 to $6.90 a plate. Our party of 3 ordered 11 plates that came to a total of $17/person including tax with a small box of leftovers. We will definitely return to the restaurant for dim sum or try their dinner menu. The clean environment, colourful traditional Chinese decor, and excellent food will not disappoint.

Food: Overall excellent with 1 to 2 misses; Great variety
Service: Quick, polite staff
Price: Good for the quality and portion; $10-$15 per person depending on your appetite
Parking: Free ground and underground in the plaza


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  1. Looks tasty now I’m so hungry! Thanks for the post.

    Posted by Cindi | September 14, 2009, 1:09 pm
  2. I’m always looking for a new place for dim sum. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a good place. I like the variety you’ve presented. Many dim sum places have limited selection these days. I’m sure going to try this placed.

    Posted by PT | September 16, 2009, 9:41 am
  3. I went there for dinner 2 days ago. Pretty empty, but it was a week night. Service was good. The manager is very friendly. Food taste was ok (not great, but definitely pretty good). I’ve had better flavor, but it was the ingredient quality was definitely there.

    Posted by Foodobsessed | April 22, 2010, 9:23 pm