Pizzaiolo Gourmet Pizza

For those of you outside of the downtown city core this pizza franchise might be foreign to you…

Pizzaiolo was founded in August of 1999. Characterized by quality ingredients and only the freshest produce, Pizzaiolo presents one of Toronto’s best gourmet pizzas.

The dedication of three generations of professional “Pizzaiolo’s” have contributed to our delicious menu today.

Choose from a list of fresh quality gourmet pizzas including the Capone Pizza, our famous Gianni Ola Pizza, our classic Meat Lover Pizza, our signature vegetarian pizzas such as the Bianca Pizza, The “Bomba” Pizza with 4 different cheeses or any of the 3 Vegan Pizzas. All our famous gourmet pizzas are also available by the slice at any Pizzaiolo location.

Pizzaiolo offers a great variety of gourmet pizzas fit for all walks of life and for any occasion.  Another reason to visit Pizzaiolo is for those individuals who like to enjoy a beer with their meals and I know sometimes it really does hit the spot and completes the dining experience!  If you’re trying to avoid the crowds remember that Pizzaiolo offers online ordering for pick up.

Go to Pizzaiolo and taste the difference that family, tradition and experience bring to the table.

Visit the Pizzaiolo website here

Title Photograph by:  ardenstreet


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  1. I miss pizzaiolo! They have a GREAT selection of toppings, with thin crust all at a great price!!!

    Posted by Natalie | January 24, 2011, 9:11 am