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It was a quiet Monday night and my friend Matilda and I had a craving for some vietnamese noodles so it boiled down to two choices,  either  Pho88 or this new place in North York near my house.  We had our fair share of awful Pho noodles and we’re happy to say that Pho Vietnamese Delight won’t fall into that category.

The decor is very clean and simple and the restaurant itself is a bit small but still inviting.  Assuming the staff can produce a quick turn around we can definately see the potential for this noodle house to be jam packed at lunch time.

Pho Vietnamese Delight offers a one page menu that covers the Vietnamese noodle & rice basics as well as the staple spring roll ($3.50) appetizers.   The limited drink selection is made up some traditional Vietnamese hot (coffee – $2.50) and cold drinks (smoothies & shakes – $3.50).

Because it was our first time here we had to order the in house special noodle soup with all the fixings (Small – $5.50 & Large $6.50) and it was pretty tasty.  The Deep fried spring rolls were like as good as most deep fried appetizers are, oily and good.

Pho Noodle Delight 001

The bean sprouts and basil were a bit dry and bland but all in all we had no major complaints.

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