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Once a popular hot spot on the Toronto clubbing scene, the Ossington area is now garnering attention once again for a city revival and leading this cause is Paramour which brings a stylish and sensual flare to your meals.

Paramour is the chic dining restaurant on Ossington offering restaurant goers a chance to enjoy high-end cuisine in a laid back romantic setting.

Brother-sister team Adam Baguley and Amber Honor Elson, owners of the well-established Ossington staple LeVack Block, are bringing sexy back with their newest gastronomic adventure. “We wanted to create a space that oozed French inspired scandal and romance.”

Head Chef Laura Malin offers sophisticated dishes found on a confidently concise menu that satisfies every carnal desire. Malin’s culinary talents were honed working with Jamie Kennedy at the Royal Ontario Museum for five years. Paramour’s carefully constructed dishes showcase Malin’s skill and dedication to fresh ingredients with a French twist.

The space itself was inspired by French Victoriana exemplified in the high ceilings and warm colours. Rich coloured curtains envelope the entrance setting the stage for the lush interior. Vintage Hustler prints, deep Oak wood tables, Laura Ashley florals, tea-stained walls and glossy red bar marry together to create an old-world romantic environment that is the perfect ambiance for an anniversary dinner or a weekday indulgence.

House Manager, Adly Gawad formerly of Splendido, ensures all guests’ needs are met and expectations exceeded. Paramour delivers sophistication to the Ossington line-up and leaves patrons with a sense of warmth and whimsy.

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Hours: Tuesday to Saturday6pm – close

(closed Sunday & Monday)


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  1. How does this place get good reviews? My entree was the size of a small appetizer for $24. When they came to ask for dessert orders I was tempted to order two more risotto dishes. I was too polite to ask but maybe refills on food are free? Someone could make some money if they put a hot dog cart outside the restaurant to feed guests of this place dinner after they finish up with $100 tab and leave hungry. Not only was I not full, I was straight up hungry.

    Also, there is no excuse for the very lame art on the walls. I felt like I was at a snobby hairdressers not a restaurant. Whats with the women’s faces (don’t go there to check)? Also, If I’m going to have a meal on Ossington (which lets face it is not Yorkville as much as it sometimes tries to be), and pay 25-40 for an entree, the service and food and ambiance best be top notch which they are very far from. Okay, the food was tasty but how hard is that to do. Who can’t sautee a portabello mushroom in some balsamic and call it a mushroom steak?

    I heard before going to the restaurant that the fish was the best thing on the menu. There was a twenty percent chance of this being true. There were only 5 items on the menu. Also – only one beer on the menu – Heineken, but still… The steak was served as a big hunk of meat on a plate, no side, no parsley flakes, no jus, nada. Two thumbs down baby!

    Posted by paul | October 12, 2010, 10:36 am