Nonna’s Original Italian Sandwiches Ltd.

Nonna's Itallian Sandwiches

We discovered Nonna’s through a friend who recommended it for lunch because apparently this is one of the true authentic Italian eateries in town where non Italians can experience the real taste of Italy.

I have to say this restaurant has it’s ups and downs so let’s start with the good and work our way down.  The portion sizes were very reasonable for what we ate and the pizza selection offered on the menu was very creative.  The meat lasanga ($12.95) was made up of of many thin layers of pasta which was quite good and the tomato sauce wasn’t over powering.  The Arancini balls ($3 each – rice balls filled with meat and peas covered in bread batter and then deep fried) were fantastic but be careful cause it really fills you up as an appetizer.  The pizza ($8.50 – $12.95) was very well done with thin crust and made fresh to order.

As for the bad, the Italian wedding soup was massive but the soup tasted a bit sour.  Our friends (who are Nonna regulars) assured us that this was the first time the soups ever tasted bad, so it’s worth giving another try on my next visit.

The service was mediocre and the waitress we had was a bit aggressive in her sales tactics  and kept pushing different foods our way.  For example, she kept trying to convince us to order dessert even though we hadn’t even touched our main courses yet.  When we did finally decided on desert the waitress took the liberty of bringing us portions for everyone at the table even though not everyone wanted desert.

One thing I might do for my next visit is to try the sandwiches, they must be good if the restaurant is named after them.

* Update*

We paid Nonna’s another visit and we were thoroughly impressed.  The Italian Wedding soup was spectacular and nothing like we had on our last visit.  The Italian sandwiches were quite nice as well.  I tried the Veal Cutlet ($10.99) sandwich and it was massive.  The Veal was nicely breaded and not too dry with the tomato sauce.

On a sad note, the Arancini balls were sold out on the night we went but they mentioned they’re made fresh every Friday.


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  1. Nonna’s is awesome! I love this place. The italian wedding soup is amazing. Please try it again.

    This is truly the best authentic Italian restaurant in Markham.

    Must try.

    Posted by Maria | July 22, 2009, 12:03 am
  2. Yea, I would definitely go back to Nonna’s. Make sure you go on a Friday for the arancini balls!

    Posted by panda | August 11, 2009, 4:39 pm
  3. just went to try out nonna’s today…i was expecting a lot but i have to say that i was a little bit disappointed…we ordered an italian wedding soup, a vinnie rapini pizza, and the lasagna….the soup was not bad…pretty good, and the pizza was pretty good except the waitress was busy talking to another table so while the pizza was sitting on the counter for 10 minutes, it got all soggy in the middle with the condensation at the bottom…and the lasagna does not look like the picture you posted at all!! it tasted pretty good except i wish there was more sauce and more cheese…..the layers were really thin and there wasn’t a lot of meat……i might go there to try it again, but for what me and my friend ate today, it wasn’t worth the money…..since a lot of people said this place is good, i think it’ll be worth another try!

    Posted by SIMONE | October 11, 2009, 7:29 pm