My Place Fish & Chips – Review

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My Place Fish & Chips restaurant puts the “family” in family restaurant with tasty meals and a wholesome atmosphere.  This mom and pop restaurant is actually run by a mom & pop which is located on the corner of Sheppard and Victoria Park in Scarborough.  Panda and I discovered this place when we both had a craving for some good deep food and what’s better than deeply fried fish and chips?

My Place Fish & Chips (MPFC) is located in the strip plaza right beside Johnny’s Burgers on the East side of Victoria Park.  It seemed like it was a semi popular hot spot for the surrounding businesses nearby.

The decor shows a bit of wear and tear but has lot’s of character with the collection of signs and posters on the inside.  The menus are a slid underneath the table tops so it’s readily accessible.  MPFC  is designed for a fast turn over to get you in and out for lunch as soon as possible and back to work!

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Prices for Halibut & Chips are very decent ($8.75) and the dish was exactly what I expected in taste.  Portion sizes are okay but I think I could easily have finished another piece of fish.   The Haddock & Chips dish ($7.45) was also tasty but the portion size like the Halibut was on the small side.   The fries were thick cut and deep fried to perfection which really hit the spot.

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  • Do not order the Combo platter with the additional salad for the extra $1.50 but order some more fries.
  • I do wish the tarter sauce was homemade from scratch.  That would have put the final touches on more personalized restaurant theme.

All in all it was a decent find with okay prices for quality fish & chips, but be weary about the portion sizes if you’re packing an appetite!

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  1. This place was alright, but the best part was the owner’s little boy (who looks exactly from the boy from the UP movie) was helping pass around tartar sauce!


    Posted by panda | December 10, 2009, 4:18 pm