M:Brgr is yet another player in the over saturated “gourmet” burger business here in Toronto.  These new high end trends are pushing the limits of burger fans all over the city who are mearly trying to find a tasty burger for a decent price.

M:Brgr really tries to be more than what they really are, serving up more flash than substance.

From their success and popularity in Montreal, M:Brgr now finds a new home in Toronto within the King Street West district alongside other trendy eateries.  This site, formally a Shoeless Joe’s Bar and Grill is now the new home of this Montreal born burger joint which seats about 200 with contemporary and warm decor.   Large murals of the city scape combined with wood-panelled walls gives M:Brgr a unique style on it’s own that really doesn’t resemble any other burger place that we’ve seen before which, at times seems like you’re in a bar or club.

M:Brgr is spacious and quite comfortable once you get inside and the somewhat dim lighting does create a warm atmosphere. The colour scheme reminds me of an A&W but more upscale with the orange and browns but do not be mistaken, you won’t find any Mamma or Pappa burgers here – or the anything that resembles the same price point either.

M:brgr made splashed all over food headlines with the $100 dollar burger spectacle with over priced toppings that really came together to cause a media frenzy than for taste – but I’m not going to drop $100 dollars for a burger to find out and I’m sure many (if not all of you) won’t do the same.

Check out what’s really in that car crash of a burger seen below – Eye Weekly

Honestly – this looks like something your kid would put together if you left them in charge of the kitchen.

M:Brgr with cheese – something on the safe side but the ratio of bread to meat is totally off.   The meat was hardly noticeable.

One important note to make is that when the server comes to offer you water you make sure you say “tap” because the bottled stuff comes your way and it’s not cheap.  We were hit with two jugs of water which were about $8 bucks a piece – equivalent to a “two can dine” at other burger places that will not be mentioned.

This was the AAA burger with cheese and lettuce but as you can tell again – Where’s the beef?  The one bright side of this combo were the fries which were really crispy and and well done.  I’d go back to try the poutine but what does that say about a burger place if we go back for the fries?

This was the more adventurous burger order of the day with the bacon, pickle, asparagus but one note is that this “thumbs up” gesture was made before actually tasting the burger.

The service was mediocre at best (with the charging of bottled water) and we hit a whole new issue when we tried to separate our bills, which was very long and drawn out.  It’s safe to say that we will not be going back to M:Brger anytime time soon.

M:Brgr:  401 KING STREET WEST • TORONTO • ON • M5V 1K1 647.729.1747
Website:  www.mbrgr.com

CLICK HERE to find the full M:Brgr Menu


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