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What’s more Canadian than fresh cut fries smothered over with freshly made gravy and topped off with squeaky cheese curds?  It’s the ever popular and always spectacular piping hot poutine from Poutini’s House of Poutine!   Now the Americans just recently discovered poutine and are slowly realizing how good the combination of cheese, gravy and fries can really be but I’m willing to bet the farm that they can’t make it as good as we can here in Canada especially at Poutini’s House of Poutine!

Poutini’s poutine is by any standards no regular run of the mill cafeteria poutine with boring gravy with soggy fries.  Poutini’s poutine is made from fresh hand cut fries that are deep fried twice (Belgian style) in zero trans fat and deep fried in non hydrogenated vegetable oil, fresh daily delivered cheese curds from Maple Dale Farms and to top it off two choices of gravy (regular & vegetarian) made in house every day!

Now you might say that a poutine is a poutine that you can get almost anywhere in town from A&W to KFC but when you have these three carefully crafted ingredients mixed in so gracefully that “squeaks” to perfection you get genuine satisfaction in which we call Poutini’s poutine.  What’s great about the House of Poutine is that they offer a vegetarian poutine …I can hear you all say there’s no meat in the cheese, fries and gravy but most forget that traditional gravy is made with beef or chicken stock.  The vegetarian gravy is made from a variety of roasted vegetables, seasoning and then simmered to thick yummy consistency.

Now the icing on the cake for you inner tree huggers out there is that all the take out gear used to serve your food like the containers, utensils, napkins, straws are made from 100% biodegradable materials (sugar cane, potatoes, corn, vegetable oils) so you can eat a fantastic poutine and do your part to save the environment too!  How great does that sound?

Poutini’s House of Poutine is simply fantastic and is among Toronto’s finest.

Recommendation: The “Works” Poutine & Poutigly

Price: $5 – $10
Address: 112 Queen St. West, Toronto M6J1H9
Hours: Mon: Closed, Tues & Wed: noon -11pm, Thurs: noon – 3am, Fri & Sat:  noon – 3:30am, Sun:  11am – 9pm


Poutini’s Traditional Poutine 6.99
or w/ vegetarian gravy 6.99

The Teeny Weeny Tiny Poutini w/ Traditional Gravy 4.99
The Teeny Weeny Tiny Poutini w/ Vegetarian Gravy 4.99

Poutini’s LAYERED Poutine 8.84
(An extra serving of fresh curds layered throughout…your choice of Traditional or Vegetarian Gravy)

NEW! Pulled Pork Poutine (Traditional Poutine + Pulled Pork) 9.99
NEW! Teeny Weeny Tiny Pulled Pork Poutine 6.99

The Poutigly (Traditional Poutine + Bacon) 8.19
The Teeny Weeny Tiny Poutigly 5.75

Fries and Gravy 4.99
or w/ vegetarian gravy 4.99

Classic Frites w/ Dipping Sauce (Spicy Mayo, Herbed Mayo, Roasted Garlic Mayo, Dijon Mayo, Blue Cheese Mayo, BBQ) 3.98

“Works” Poutine (Traditional Poutine + sour cream + bacon + chives) 9.19
Teeny Weeny Tiny “Works” Poutine 6.75

Dipping Sauces – Spicy Mayo, Herbed Mayo, Roasted Garlic Mayo, Dijon Mayo, Blue Cheese Mayo, or BBQ – 0.67


Boylan’s Birch Beer, Root Beer, Black Cheery and Cream Soda.

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Barq’s, Canada Dry, Sprite, Nestea, San Pellegrino,
Arizona Iced Tea, Water and a full line of Vitamin Water!

Title Photo: Dead Sexy Mag

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Photo review by L.Richarz:  Pulled Pork Poutine

Photo review by L.Richarz: Pulled Pork Poutine

Photo:  Poutinis by Jon Melnick

Photo: Poutini's by Jon Melnick

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Photo by Gail at Large

Breakfast Poutine by L.Richarz

Breakfast Poutine by L.Richarz

Photo by mcadooja

Photo by mcadooja

Photo by Nessa R.

Photo by Nessa R.


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