If you’re looking for a high-quality coffee experience, as well as light-as-air crepes, you need to check this place out.  Krepesz is located at 253 Augusta Ave., right in the heart of Kensington Market.

Proprietor Christian Szabo came to Canada 10 years ago.  He had a difficult start and had to sort out his priorities as quickly as possible.  After exploring different endeavours (some of which he still pursues), Christian wanted to stay true to his values by keeping his family together as a cohesive unit.  This is how Krepesz came to be.  I love the mantra they adhere to: “…family and sustainability before profit and growth.”  Now open a year and a half, he, alongside family members Klara (mom) and Vivien (sister), has created a quaint atmosphere with quality comfort food.


I started with a delicately crafted latte ($3.54).  They take their coffee very seriously here.  Sourced from 49th Parallel in Vancouver, these are quality beans.   The machine they use is a custom made Synesso so if you know about coffee-making, this is the Rolls-Royce of coffee machines, the cream of the crop.  The coffee is presented as a beautiful work of art, which made it lovely to look at as well as tasting delicious.  I don’t normally add sugar to my coffee since I think it detracts from the true taste; this is exactly what Krepesz recommends.


Next, I had Mom’s Homemade Soup (Anyu Levese) made from Klara’s own recipe.  All the ingredients are locally purchased in Kensington Market.  It was a mild tasting, chunky vegetable soup.  No over-powering flavours, so a healthy choice.


Krepesz offers tasty crepes in both sweet and savoury choices.  Christian recommended the Chicken Stew Palacsinta (crepe).  It was a good-sized portion of seasoned ground chicken breast, sour cream, and spinach, folded into the crepe, topped with finely shredded mozzarella cheese.  Now you have to keep in mind, this is not a French crepe, but a Hungarian crepe.  The texture is completely different.  This is soft and fluffy, with a bit of crispness on the edges.  Total comfort food.  It’s also easy to share so you can try different ingredients.  It was very enjoyable.  Since all crepes are made to order, make sure you eat it as soon as it gets to the table.  Otherwise, you will lose its original texture and consistency.



For dessert, I tried the Sour Cherry crepe and it was a good choice because it was a perfect balance of sour and sweet that really brought out each flavour.  The light dusting of cinnamon on the light and airy crepe was the finishing touch that made it that much better.  Again, the regular size is a good portion.


Krepesz is a go-to place year-round.  They have a patio in front that seats 28 people during warmer weather.  How great is that?  People watching in Kensington while enjoying a hand-crafted coffee, one of many teas they have to choose from, a draft beer, or a cocktail!  Yes, that’s right.  They are licensed.  This place has such a great vibe.  The décor is neutral, warm, and comfortable, making it a meeting place in any season.  It is very welcoming.  The jazz music was a nice touch to create a relaxed atmosphere.  Service is friendly and attentive.




Final thoughts:

If you go, please tell me how the  awesome looking Chimney Cake (kurtos kalacs) tastes because it’s baked fresh daily!

Krepesz has combo specials at $9.99, so ask about it when you go.

Try a Palinka shot (Hungarian Honey Apricot/Plum Brandy).  I had a sampling of it and it was really tasty!



Flickr Photo Review:

két kávé. Taken in Krepesz, a lovely little Hungarian cafe/restaurant in Kensington Market, Toronto. They have salty eats, desserts, and home-made Hungarian pastries! Great. Cafe. - Photo Review by Blair Kay


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