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We all know and love IKEA for their POÄNG arm chairs, BJURSTA tables and their other cool assembled furniture but now, patrons are slowly realizing they can also enjoy breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner at their favourite Swedish furniture super store.

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Now don’t get us wrong, The IKEA restaurant is far from being fine dining but prices are ridiculously low and IKEA is a great alternative to any mall food court.  A lovely breakfast at IKEA includes scrambled eggs, sausages, and home fries will set you back a whole $1.  Feel free to add 2 apple filled pancakes for another $1. Breakfast for $2 bucks…you can’t even buy a hash brown and a coffee for that price anywhere else.

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If you’re going to shop at IKEA for the whole day (like most of you do) you might as well stop by the restaurant to recharge for that long maze of a walk before you check out and so you’ll have enough energy to assemble your furniture when you get home.

IKEA menu items include:

Bistro / Exit Cafe

  • Hot dog – $0.50
  • Cinnamon bun & coffee – $2
  • 2 Hot dogs + fountain drink (free refills) – $2
  • Frozen yogurt (70% less fat and 20% less calories than icecream) – $1
  • 2 Hot Dogs, Chips, and Soft Drink – $2.50


  • BBQ quarter chicken with fries, mashed potatoes, or salad – $5.69
  • Organic pasta with organic vegetarian tomato sauce.  (Add 5 meatballs for $1.49) – $1.99
  • Stuffed salmon with vegetable medallions and carrots drizzled with a chive & dill sauce. Rich in Omega 3 – $6.99
  • Two pieces of Haddock served with crispy french fries and a slice of lemon – $5.49
  • Scrambled eggs, sausages, and home fries. Add 2 apple filled pancakes – $1
  • Vegetarian broccoli & cheese quiche and salad – $4.99
  • Delicious sponge cake, raspberry jam and green marzipan – $2.29

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