Coffin Sandwiches ~ Halloween Recipe

coffin sandwiches

Halloween is fast approaching and for this week we’ll be posting up awesome recipes that will be fun the entire family, especially the kids!  For this recipe we visitted one of our favourite inspirational recipe sites,

Essentially, you can make these sandwiches with any fillings you choose and all you have to do is be creative when you slice them into coffin shapes at the end.

You can decorate the sandwiches with ketchup, icing, mustard, or even jam.

Suggested Method:

What You Need
6 slices whole wheat bread, cut in half
2 Tbsp. MIRACLE WHIP Dressing
6 slices deli ham (60 g)
6 lettuce leaves
3 KRAFT SINGLES Process Cheese Product Slices, cut in half
Make It

SPREAD bread with dressing; fill with remaining ingredients to make 6 sandwiches.



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