Carrot Fingers – Halloween Recipe

Carrot Fingers

Halloween shouldn’t be about junk food and candies, here’s a healthy option for a party appetizer for you guys guys from the Disney Family Fun page.  Carrot Fingers are  simple, healthy and a good alternate choice for this year’s party goers.  You can use any dip you choose and you can simply refill the carrot fingers as they’re eaten.    Enjoy!

vegetable dip
4 long carrots
1 medium carrot
softened cream cheese
baby carrots


  • To prepare them, just fill a serving bowl with your favorite vegetable dip.
  • Wash and peel 4 long carrots for fingers and 1 medium carrot for a thumb.
  • With a paring knife (a parent’s job), cut a flat, shallow notch in the tip of each carrot.
  • Then use a dab of dip or softened cream cheese to glue a sliced-almond fingernail atop each notch.
  • Stick the fingers in the dip, as shown, and serve with plenty of peeled baby carrots for dipping.


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