Black Out Sandwich

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

In the spirit of our second great Toronto black out we’ve come up with a few recipes you can make without the use of electricity.  Assuming your fridge still works or if you’re going to try to clean the food out before it goes bad.

1.  Ham & Swiss cheese sandwich

Photograph by:  hynesghpstudio

2.  Salad (Caesar)

Photo review by: lighto

3.  Canned meat – SPAM – It doesn’t necessarily have to “Hawaii” Spam

Photo review by: selva

4.  Canned Tuna

Photo review by: talkoftomatoes

5.  Propane or Charcoal BBQ

Photo review by: Tony and Mar

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  1. I dunno…when the power goes out I just open my freezer and start working on the freezies! Can’t let them go bad. What a cool way to spend a blackout. Just like ’03!

    Posted by Tamika | July 9, 2010, 3:36 pm