Ten Ren’s Tea House

tenrensTaiwanese tea house is famous for their large variety of beverages with or without tapioca, jelly, or fruit bits. Bubble tea dessert venues have come a long way since the regular mall stands that we see today.

This “tea house” is wrapped in an eye catching, romantic lighting with generously high and decorative ceilings to add to the grandeur effect. Ten Ren’s offers a great selection of cooked food which includes rice and noodle dishes and great appetizers to go along with your beverages.

Freshly made fruit smoothies and shakes are great during season and the tea selection is more than you can ask for but don’t forget the bubble tea! Prices for the drinks and snacks are reasonable and the waiting staff is courteous and kind but there tends to be a line up on weekends.

Recommendations: Strawberry Ten Lu Slush, Deep Fried Popcorn Chicken

The World of Cafeteria Lunches

Artichoke on your left

Artichoke on your left

I’m a very observant person espcially when it comes to things that are new events that occur on the web but   this one has to top my list as odd but awesomely cool.   The picture on your left is a set lunch offered in France. You can find more fabulous set lunches here.

Looking at the lunches offered in different territories around the world makes me recall Jamie Oliver’s ‘Return to School Dinners‘. In which Jamie has made his love for food in to a passion to provide better food for the schools.

As you may notice while scouring through the list of photos, lunches from America is usually in a grainy yellow (“FRIED”). This explains so much about the growing obeseity rate attacking American youth.


The Toronto P.A.T.H

Finally Torontonians are able to break out from the  the complex underground maze  known as the P.A.T.H.  As summer attacks the downtown core many urban adventurers will be reaching for their sunglasses and flock outside towards the many outdoor patios for lunch and drinks.   The Toronto Path features 1200 small to large businesses in which a good majority of them are restaurants and fast food joints. If you are ever in town, please give the P.A.T.H a quick walk. You’d be amazed how far you can reach walking undergrounded.

Poutini’s House of Poutine


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Mr. Greek Mediterranean Grill

Mr. Greek 009

Popular Greek cuisine served up fast and delicious with a smile.  You will find a courteous waiting staff surrounded by a home style décor suitable for family dinners and parties of all ages.


The popular appetizer would be the Saganaki where you have the waiting staff yelling “OPA” at the pan of flaming cheese and the Greek salad will not disappoint. For the main course you will find very succulent meats, chicken, pork, and lamb all prepared with authentic Mediterranean flare.

The Souvlaki on the other hand is the probably the main reason for visiting this venue and should not be overlooked (with extra tzatziki!). Mr. Greek also offers a reasonable pasta and seafood selection.

Mr Greek 01

Recommendations:  Appetizer:  Saganaki, Calamari, Pork & Chicken sticks
Specialties:  Souvlaki, Chicken Filet, Taverna Chicken, Moussaka, Grilled lamb Chops, Gyros.

Asian Legend

Asian Legend

Traditional Northern Asian cuisine with 18 years of tradition based in the greater Toronto area.  A steady flow of loyal fan based clientele has helped this emerging chain flourish into 6 locations surrounding the city.  With delectable eats surrounded by a stylish modern décor, we find a great combination that will be please your appetite.  Healthy portions prepared freshly everyday makes this choice an easy one for any occasion such as luncheons, dinner parties, and easy dining for family lunch and dinners.

The selection of deserts is filled with glutinous treats filled with red bean and black sesame.  One suggestion (if you enjoying your visit) is to sign on for their VIP program ($15) during your meal.  The VIP program allows you to save 10% on your meals (even the first one) for an entire year at all locations.  The membership definitely pays for itself after on average 5 visits.

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Congee Noodle House

Asian Hong Kong style cuisine – delectable fast paced food and at great prices!  Chinese fast food at its’ best, this choice will never disappoint with a wide array of choices from congee, fried/soup noodles, and rice dishes with more than generous proportions that will leave you packing the rest up to take home for another meal!  A very wide open and bright dining atmosphere allows for spacious dining even when the restaurant is at capacity.  A popular place to visit during lunch time but is always open late to help satisfy your late night cravings as well.
Recommendations:  Turnip cake squares, Any Congee

North 44

north44Notorious for being mentioned as being part of Toronto’s elite restaurants year after year and a popular site for visitors and locals.  North 44 is one of this city’s most acclaimed venues that never disappoints from their wide range of savory main courses which keeps you wanting more.

Fine dining at its’ best that offers a great atmosphere for a relaxing and enjoyable evening out where you are surrounded by soft lighting and awe inspiring dining room engulfed by contemporary overtones.

The level of service is truly impeccable and detail oriented to cater to all of your dining needs.  The only thing that can overshadow the service is fantastic meal, where you will find a menu that is constantly evolving just as the seasons change.  With a full range of choices of appetizers, entrees, and deserts makes the 3 course meal the most popular choice.

Now for the deserts, please remember to save room because it will be well worth the wait.  With great assortment of deserts and an extensive choice of ice wines you will be smiling ear to ear with utter satisfaction.  North 44 is a great occasion that should not be missed.
Recommendations:  Grilled Veal Tenderloin, roasted Muscovy duck, Desert Sampler.

Hakka Time! – Lin Garden

Lin Garden Chicken Pakora

Chinese cuisine collides head on with Indian flavor and style!  Indian-Hakka style cuisine originated from southeastern regions of China and has since then been perfected in India where the approach of cooking is similar to traditional Chinese cooking but with a spicy kick!

The results of this unique blend of cultures is a great variety of spicy or non spicy platters and includes a great selection of vegetarian dishes served up with generous portions that will satisfy your cravings.  Though takeout seems to be the popular mode of clientele (10% off) Lin Garden provides a quaint 70’s décor eating atmosphere with attentive and friendly service. Lin Garden is a gem of a restaurant that will work hard to satisfy your hunger without hurting your wallet.

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