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Angry food critics over a movie – Green Bin Problems – Mcdonald’s Supercrew – Banned Fish!

Julie & Julia not faring well with food critics:
  • Angry food bloggers hate the movie about a food blogger cooking her way through a cook book? Does that sound right?  In the new upcoming movie Julie & Julia  (starring Meryl Streep & Amy Adams)  Julia Powell cooks and blogs about her escapades cooking every recipe from a Julia Child cook book.  The cranky food critics are on Powell’s case for her lack of expertise in the culinary arts because of Powell’s criticism of  Julia Child’s recipes as being “wrong” while she cooks her way through the movie.    For the full article read the Gawker.

Green Bin Disaster:

  • The Green bin organic recycling program is a mess that Toronto needs to clean up.  City workers are routinely mixing organic wastes with regular garbage at the transfer stations.  City officials are quick to deny these claims saying that these allegations are not true but as for the proof there will be further investigations to audit the actual amount of garbage produced by the City of Toronto.  “The public is separating their food and doing all this work and here we are, tossing it all in the garbage anyway.”  For the full article please visit the Toronto Star.

Super Mcdonald’s Crew at 2010 Vancouver Olympics:

  • McDonald’s is to reward their top performers with a round trip ticket including accommodation to Vancouver for the 2010 winter to join the McDonald’s Olympic Champion Crew (OCC).  The OCC will spend 18-30 days working at 1 of the 3 McDonald’s restaurants situated inside the Athletes’ village.  For the full article please visit Marketwire.

69 species of fish off the menu:

  • World’s largest contract caterer “Compass” has added Atlantic Cod to their list of banned fish from all of their menus.  Compass is heralded a leader in ethical eating by taking a significant step in preserving marine wildlife in banning all 69 endangered species of fish on the Marine Conservation Society (MCS)’s blacklist.  The list includes a variety of fish such as swordfish, bluefin tuna, and now Atlantic Cod.
    For the full article please read the Guardian


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