VIA Rail is back

VIA Strike End

VIA Rail Canada and the Teamsters union have announced Sunday that they’ve reached an agreement to enter into an arbitration to end the strike.

Sunday service resumed with about 14 trains operating on a light schedule and full service will resume on Monday morning.

VIA rail issued a news release Sunday night offering 60 percent discount to to customers who have purchased tickets for trips until Dec 14, 2009. The only catch is that all tickets must be purchased by Wednesday night (July 29. 2009). “We are currently looking at some innovative and tangible ways that we can say sorry to our customers”.

If you ask me that’s a horrible way to re-pay all the passengers they left stranded Friday afternoon. Who knows how much it would have cost the poor travellers who had to scramble to buy a flight to go home.

Arbitration for both parties (VIA & Teamsters) should bid well for the rail engineers who have been working for the last two years without a contract and should show improvements to their work scheduling scheme.

The quick end of the strike is a great sign for the people of Toronto and for tourism around the city, which has already taken a huge hit because of the city worker strike.


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