Verdict on Ontario Raw Milk

Raw Milk

Michael Schmidt, a Durham Ontario cattle farmer and advocate for raw milk is facing 20 charges for dispensing milk straight from the cow.  The law in Canada states that it is illegal to sell unpasteurized milk, which health experts consider a health hazard.

Schmidt operates 150 co-op shared cow farm in which members can own a portion of the cow with Schmidt to in order to get access to the raw milk.

“Food scientists and many health experts testified that mandatory pasteurization laws are needed to protect the public.” – Canadian Press

How bad could raw milk really be if you get it straight from the source?  People say raw milk has a unique taste (flowers & grass) that is more rich in nutrients.

The argument against banning raw milk is not 100% safe is a bunch of cow crap (pun intended)!  Nothing is 100% safe and how long can we really hold the hands of the consumers who can’t protect themselves.  I’m sure there is a huge population that has grew up drinking raw milk their entire child and adolescent lives and they’re just fine.

How is this any different from selling or eating raw fish?   Anyone eat sushi lately?

I say drinkers beware and buy at your own risk, why should they persecute Mr. Schmidt when all he’s trying to do sell his own product.

National Post Article – Gina Mallet – Another good article

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Court Approves raw milk co-op

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt will be allowed to continue his raw milk co-operative after a Newmarket court ruled Thursday that it does not break laws against selling unpasteurized milk.

Schmidt was found not guilty on the 19 charges after Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky ruled that the cow-share program is exempt from legislation set out in Ontario’s Health Protection and Promotion Act and the Milk Act.

The courthouse was packed with Schmidt’s supporters and the ruling was met with claps, cheers and some tears – Toronto Star


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