Toronto can’t drink it’s sorrows away

garbage-lcbo-strikeThe city of Toronto is experiencing the first signs of summer weather, the mild warm temperatures of Spring have walked away just like almost every municipal civil service in town.

Day two of the city worker strike has crippled the city where over 2400 city employees have walked off the job at the stroke of midnight Monday morning . With the start of the tourism season (Pride Week & Carribana) in our city, Toronto is conflicted between disgruntled workers and angry citizens who can’t even dump their garbage at the transfer stations without being harassed.

Businesses surrounding the downtown core will also be suffering with the potential decline in tourism.

Restaurant owners are already coping with declining sales because of the recession and now will be hit even harder with the strike  especially with the start of patio season where unlucky patrons will be victim to the unearthly stenches of waste and the mountains of garbage that block their views.

On top of the city worker strike the LCBO employees are on the verge of strike themselves. The Liquor Control Board of Ontario employees are threatening to strike on the basis of benefits for part time/casual employees working at the LCBO. Come this Wednesday night the people of Toronto can’t even drink away their sorrows. If a strike were to materialize it would mark the first strike in LCBO history.

So as the heat rises and tempers flare let’s all remind ourselves that we’re in this together and be a little patient as we weather this storm.

Services affected

– Garbage pickup
– Water and sewer
– City daycares
– Island ferry service
– Swimming pools
– Summer camps
– Museums & Galleries
– Libraries
– Community Centres


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