To exercise or not to exercise?


Everyone who has a gym membership please raise your hand.  Now everyone who has a gym membership that actually goes regularly please keep your hand up.  Anyone still there?  Not many huh?

We all know what’s good for us but why do some of us fall off the treadmill (pun intended)?  Let this list be a simple reminder to any of you out there who just don’t feel motivated to go to the gym anymore or to anyone who has been re-introduced to snack binging virus ( I say virus because it spreads like one).  Simply put, if you workout and eat right you’ll tend to live longer (no joke).

1.  Exercise increases your metabolism:  Your metabolic rate slows with age and without constant exercise your body will store fat more easily and more frequently.   With regular exercise your body will burn more calories even after your exercising is over.

2.  Regular exercise will help prevent injury:  If your body is used to moving around and used to supporting itself you’ll be less likely to injure yourself the next time you decide to play in that annual football or hockey game with your co-workers or friends.

3.  Regular exercise:   We often forget that our bodies love routine.  Sleeping at regular hours, eating at reasonable times, and regular exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle.   Don’t shock your bodies by going on diets or having intense workouts for one week and stop cold turkey the next.   Our bodies need a regular schedule.

4.  Work out with weights:  Don’t just do your regular cardio exercises and call it a day.  An extra pound of muscle burns on average 50 calories a day!  Weight training helps keep the pounds off after you work so hard to burn them on your run / jog / bike / stair master.

5.  How long do you have to exercise for?:   Everyone can afford to do 15 minutes a day of physical activity (no excuses).  Start off with baby steps and once you start to realize how good you look and feel you’ll be happy to add in the extra 20 – 30 minutes after seeing the results.  If you’re on the computer look up some ab exercises on Youtube.  If you’re in front of the tv do some ab exercises during the commercial breaks.

6.  Eat sensibly:  I know this is half the battle and often a lot of people tend to forget this part.  Finding the balance of eating and exercising is like finding that perfect golf swing or like being able to finally drive a standard car without giving everyone in your car headaches.  If you think you’re full, you probably could have stopped eating 5 minutes ago.   As a general rule eat every 3 hours and choose healthy snacks.

Keep fit and have a good time.


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