Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

This weekend – go for a drive and take in Spirit Tree Estate Cidery’s Open House.

Spirit Tree is located at 1137 Boston Mills Rd. in Caledon. They will be celebrating some of the awards they have received this year for the amazing work they are doing in the Caledon countryside. Tom and Nicole were awarded the Ontario Farm Market of the Year Award by Ontario Farm Fresh, they also won the first ever Ontario Sweet Cider competition as well as 4 medals at the Great Lakes International Cider Competition. With all these awards, they must be doing something right….find out for yourself this weekend.

Open House is on Sunday, May 1st from 12 – 3:00pm

Visit the Spirit Tree Estate Cidery website — CLICK HERE

What is Cider?

The term cider actually means two things here in North America.  It can be “Sweet Cider (Soft Cider)” or “Hard Cider”.  “Sweet Cider” is the raw fresh juice from pressed apples.  It is usually a blend of apples produced from quality, clean apples picked from the tree.  This raw, fresh juice is then lightly treated using special technology to remove any potential pathogens from the juice and then bottled for consumption.
Now you might be asking yourself, “Then what is apple juice if sweet cider is the juice from apples?”  In Europe and the United Kingdom, there is no difference.  Apple juice is the fresh juice from apples.  In North America, we have created a difference.  Sweet Cider is the fresh juice from apples, minimally treated and processed.  Apple juice in the store is fresh juice from apples that has been processed, filtered and treated.   Additional sweeteners and water is then added.

Hard cider is the alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting fresh apple juice (Sweet Cider).  In Europe and the United Kingdom they call this “Cider”.

Contact Information:

1137 Boston Mills Rd (between Creditview Road and Mississauga Road)
Caledon, Ontario   L7C 0N1

Closed January 1st – 19th, 2011
Reopening on Thursday January 20th

Winter Hours:

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 10 am – 5 pm
Friday 10 am – 8 pm


Fax: 905-838-3636

Email: contactus@spirittreecider.com


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