Spectrum Oils

Simply put, Spectrum is passionate about healthy fats. Spectrum started over twenty years ago with the purpose of making healthy oils available to the Canadian public. That commitment and vision hasn’t dimmed one bit. Whether artisan olive oils and trans-fat free spreads, or supplements like Flax Oil and other essential lipids, Spectrum committed to bringing you the best there is.

Canadian company Spectrum Naturals would like to show Canadians how a small change in their cooking habits can add new variety of flavours, to liven up everyday meals. When cooking with oil, most Canadians reach for the olive or vegetable oil. Nothing wrong with that, but by reaching for Coconut Oil, Asian Stir-Fry Oil or Walnut Oil next time, dinners can offer a whole new level of taste.

Our friends at Spectrum have provided us with a detailed guide to some unique oils that will add a new flavour dimention to your recipes.  Check out the suggested recipes in the chart below and consider adding a new flavour to your dinner tonight.

A Culinary Guide to Unique Cooking Oils from Spectrum NaturalsÒOrganic Oils

For more details visit the Spectrum website for more information including more recipes!

SPECTRUM – The Taste of Goodness – CLICK HERE


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