Ontario Government Appeals Raw Milk Decision

Raw Milk

Dalton and the Ontario government won’t leave raw milk farmer Mikael Schmidt alone by taking this fight into another round.

The government is now appealing the court decision that found Schmidt not guilty or breaking any laws by operating his cow share cooperative raw milk business.

“This is not about milk, this is about the respect for the individual’s right to make choices without government interference,” Schmidt said

Dalton has to back off and leave this farmer and his business alone because there isn’t anything wrong wit his cow cooperative farm.  There’s a lot of discussion about the safety about unpasteurized milk to the public but there’s a huge population who grew up on raw milk and they’re still doing just fine today.

The real argument is about the Ontario Dairy Farmer Association and their strangle hold on the market.   If they let the little guys like Schmidt stay in business this would open the door for other raw milk farmers to compete in the market that’s over 95% dominated by the association already.

What a waste of Ontario tax payers’ dollars.  Focus on something more important Dalton, like E-Health, new power plan locations, and not privatizing the LCBO and Toronto Hydro.

Read the full article at the Toronto Star

Verdict on Ontario Raw Milk


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