Ontario Farm Fresh Easter

World’s Largest Egg Hunts

Many local farms open their doors for Easter Weekend to provide a fun, memorable experience for local families. From tea rooms with fresh scones and pie, to amazing play structures, baby animals and wagon rides, local farms are serving up great Easter Memories. One of the big events being hosted by many local farms are huge egg hunts. Some egg hunts take place over a huge area, acres and acres of eggs. Other farms will feature a huge egg hunt that lasts a whole week, catering to thousands of visitors. Maybe it’s simply hunting for Huge eggs. Each farm has a different experience to serve up, but you can be sure it will be fresh, fun, and fantastic! Learn more about Local Farms or find the farm nearest to your readers, on the OFFMA website at www.ontariofarmfresh.com

Find a local farm near you and celebrate Easter in a big way with egg hunts in a back yard across acres and acres!

A Dozen benefits for finding your local farm

You get the freshest food. period.

You can buy groceries without supermarket distractions

You can jump into a strawbed and feel giddy again

You can pet a lamb and gaze into a donkey’s eyes

You can cut out the middle men, and buy direct from the farmer

You can get the freshest berries for your daiquiri recipe

You can learn about the good life and re-connect with the old way

You can get unique gifts

You can see the sky and smell the tree buds

You can have a picnic

You can play

You form friendships with the people that grow food close to your home


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