KFC Double Down Breaks Sales Records

Double Down Round 3

Not even the echos of the media can stop this fat riddled burger from breaking sales records.   The media release from KFC Canada has boasted about their sales results where KFC restaurants have sold a record 350,000 bun-less sandwiches to our adoring and curious fans.

A very impressive figure by all means for a sandwich that was rumoured to not even make it pass the border.  This comes at a great time for KFC Canada whose suffering sales figures have taken a hit so this infusion of Double Down sandwiches across 700 locations nationwide could be the answer.

The Double Down is still at the moment a limited time offer available until November 14th but who knows if the fat laced sandwich is here to stay.

KFC – Media Release

Canada Takes Down the Double Down

While the Double Down love affair is strong across the country, KFC Canada reports that Alberta and Manitoba are Taking Down the most Double Downs in the land — at a slightly higher rate than other provinces.

The legendary, big eat caused worldwide buzz when it debuted in the USA — and it’s the most successful sandwich in KFC history. More than 10 million Double Downs were sold south of the border in less than a month! According to Howe, if you take Canada’s population and the number of restaurants into account, Canadians are on-par with that record.

Renowned as the world’s first-ever bunless sandwich, the KFC Canada Double Down boasts two pieces of deliciously seasoned Original Recipe boneless chicken, two pieces of bacon and processed Pepper Jack cheese — all topped off with the Colonel’s savoury, secret sauce.

“It’s official. Canada has Taken Down the Double Down and we’ve seen people planning Double Down parties with their friends, making videos, blogging and swapping Take Down stories and technique on our Facebook site,” says Howe. “It’s just been phenomenal for KFC, our customers and our franchise partners across the country.”

Photograph by Jibby!

Photograph by Jibby!

Photograph by pouryourheartintoit

Photograph by pouryourheartintoit


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  1. Just had a Double Down last night. It was sooo good.

    Posted by SavingList | November 4, 2010, 9:48 pm