Is the City Union Falling?

Garbage Strike Picket

As of July 20th 2009 about 30,000 workers were on strike but 824 of them have walked off the picket lines and have applied to return to work.   Is this a sign of things to come in the next little while?   The Toronto City Worker strike saga continues but will it last for much longer.  Just over a month as has passed as striking municipal workers are feeling the monetary pinch.  The City and Union officials can’t seem to get things sorted out as  negotiations continue to breakdown.

As City officials start to deploy their returning employees, they need to  be cautious for their workers’ safety as union members cross the picket lines to go to work.  A situation erupted at a North Etobicoke welfare office last week where picketers were hostile and blocked entry into the work place.

This must be a tough decision for the employees to go back to work, to leave their fellow co-workers/friends on the picket lines.  These returning workers are at risk of being shunned by their peers and  blacklisted as their picketing counterparts as they fight for the same benefits that will be received by both parties.

It really seems that the people of Toronto have very little  sympathy for the striking workers and all signs are pointing to supporting the Mayor in waiting this battle out.  We’ll just wait and see how this story unfolds as another city park is turned into a temporary landfill.


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  1. I hope they don’t open a landfill next to my house. I think it’s a matter of time before the union goes down. If they’re crossing the picket lines already there’s gonna be trouble.

    Posted by Vince | July 27, 2009, 1:08 am