Iceberg Vodka Ideas

Iceberg Vodka

TORONTO – Have a bottle of pure vodka sitting in your liquor cabinet? You not only have a great drink, but, we regret to inform you, you also have the Swiss Army Knife of liquids at your fingertips.

“If you’re a fan of pure Iceberg vodka, you know that its smoothness and versatility make it the perfect drink to pair with pretty much any mixer,” said Frank Heaps, CEO of Newfoundland-made Iceberg Vodka. “Iceberg vodka is incredibly pure and can also be handy in all kinds of situations around the house, including cleaning and other things that you may never have thought about using vodka for before. But don’t forget to save some Iceberg for its intended use!”

Pure as it is, vodka is not purely for enjoying in your favourite cocktail. Look how vodka can melt away everyday problems around the house:

1) Find yourself at a dinner party jotting down a quick note or phone number and get ink on your shirt cuffs? Grab some vodka and dab it on the stain. You can make sure it doesn’t set in and the ink will be removed from the fabric after its next wash.

2) Cleaning up after the big party but out of glass cleaner?  Vodka to the rescue! Dilute the vodka (25 – 50% vodka and the rest water) in a spray bottle and go to town on your windows, coffee tables or anything else that got grubby over the course of the night. The alcohol cleans better than vinegar and doesn’t have that distinct vinegar odour.

3) If you’re at a beach party and someone gets stung by a jellyfish, vodka can help disinfect and alleviate some of the pain. Pour the  vodka over the affected area and use a towel to carefully remove any objects off the skin. Once the skin has been cleared, dampen a cloth with some  and rub the affected area. There are other ways to ease the pain of a jellyfish sting but if you have some vodka nearby it is much less embarrassing than one other popular option.

4) For the really wild parties, vodka can help clean up messy stains. If you find an unexpected surprise on the carpet in the morning, clean as best you can, spray the area with vodka, scrub it, dry it and be careful who you invite to your next party.

5) Diluted  vodka in a spray bottle (25 – 50% vodka and the rest water) works as good as any odour eliminators found at the store. Spray it on furniture, drapes, carpets, clothes and anything else that still has that party smell and it will eliminate odours without leaving any scent behind.

6) Vodka adds sparkle to wedding celebrations and even helps to restore sparkle to a diamond. Before putting the stone in a soak of soapy water, dip it briefly in vodka to dissolve any greasy buildup.

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