Coffee War is Brewing

Coffee War

It’s Ronald McDonald vs Timmie’s or “I’m Lov’n It”  vs  “Always Fresh”, no matter how you describe it the coffee wars have started.  McDonald’s vs Tim Horton’s in an all out coffee battle for caffeine supremacy in Southern Ontario.  For the next two weeks McDonald’s is giving away FREE coffee with no strings attached and this act is considered an all out attack against Tim Horton’s in an attempt to gain some ground on the extremely lucrative coffee market.

Tim Horton’s and their executives are countering the McDonald’s surge by bringing back the ever popular “Roll up the Rim” contest but it might be too little too late.   How could you battle FREE product at McDonald’s vs buy something at a chance of winning a FREE product (doughnuts and coffee).  There is always a chance of winning a car, laptop, or cash at Tim Horton’s but does anyone really know someone who’s actually won something more substantial than a doughnut?

McDonald’s has spent a lot of effort and money on revamping their coffee taste and this event might be a substantial push to cement their place among the Coffee Czar’s.

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  1. So true. You can’t beat free. I usually go to Timmy’s daily for the dose of joe, but since McDee’s started with the free brew, I’ve haven’t been to Tim’s this month! Let the battle continue.

    Posted by Fred | March 5, 2010, 9:59 pm
    • I actually prefer McDonald’s coffee over Timmie’s.

      I think Tim Horton’s coffee is too watered down and Starbucks is too bitter.

      I had a free McDonald’s coffee today and I haven’t seen the inside of a Tim Horton’s in over a week.

      Posted by panda | March 6, 2010, 1:07 am
  2. Tim Horton’s is going to open up a chain of higher end upscale trendy coffee shops to compete with Starbucks too.

    Everyone is out to get everyone else.

    Who’s going to be crazy enough to buy a $4 dollar cup of coffee anyway?

    Posted by BKL | March 6, 2010, 1:36 am