Banned for Life!

Tim Hortons Main

St. Andrews New Brunswick – Jimmy Craig has complained about his coffee for the last time because all his ranting and raving has earned him a life time ban from the storied doughnut institution Tim Hortons.

“It was like brown, burnt water…I almost, you know, got sick in the sink”

These smart remarks to the media and his nice conversation with the store managers has earned Mr. Craig life time ban from any Tim Horton’s restaurant in the province under the Trespass Act.

I need to ask this guy, if the coffee isn’t so good then why do you keep going back? ¬†Usually you get the hint after the first or second try but why keep going only to be disappointed and worst of all he gets the runs every time he drinks it.

This guy should be thanking Tim Horton’s for helping him get over his addiction to self punishment. ¬†Good Riddance!


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