Back to work!

Strike Over

A bitter long battle has come to an end, the Toronto City Worker strike is no more.  Mayor Miller and City Hall have reached a deal with Mark Ferguson and Ann Dembinski from the  City Worker Union on Monday announcing a tentative deal that will put an end to this heated garbage strike.

Officials from TCEU Local 416 and CUPE Local 79 will meet Wednesday to confirm and vote to amongst themselves to accept the municipal government offer.  Until then, picketers will still continue their blockades, city run day cares will remain closed,  and building permits will be unsettled until the unions vote.

As anxious workers are waiting to go back to work Mayor Miller is under heavy pressure to get the City of Toronto up and running again, by clearing the temporary landfills, continue with garbage pickup, and the clean up of our city streets.  Mayor Miller was quoted thanking the citizens for their patience and co-operation during this difficult period.

On the other hand Torontonians are quite fed up with this whole nonsense in the first place.  The city workers will get their wage increase and the “banking sick days” clause will be grandfathered in but what about the time and money spent by the people who had to suffer during this dispute? Parents needed to fine alternative accommodations for their kids who needed daycare, children weren’t allowed to play in the parks and swim in the pools because they were used as landfills, and now there might be some health concerns to the public who are living in the surrounding areas of the temporary dump sites.  Many feel that the strike was not necessary and very poorly timed.

The City Worker Unions combined represent over 30,000 workers who have been on strike for over a month.  Over 50 city run day cares were closed, garbage pickup was cancelled, island ferry service was halted, and city parks and recreational facilities were not accessible.

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