Are Grapefruits really that good for you?


Grapefruit enthusiasts would argue that Grapefruits can help you lose weight and jump start your liver all at the same time, well these experts might have a good point.

According to researchers at the University of Western one important ingredient found in grapefruit juice called “Flavonoid” has proven to reduce the absorption of fat within 80% of mice who were constantly fed lard and other sugarly foods.

Within flavonoid – a bioactive molecule called naringenin also shows some promise in fighting off type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. ┬áNaringenin can help reduce the collection of lipids, tryglycerides, and cholesterol in the body. ┬áThis reaction dramatically increases the liver’s ability to process glucose instead of fat calories.

Naringenin is found is present in most citrus fruits but a higher concentration is found within the white pulp of grapefruit.
For more information check out the London Free Press website.


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  1. Grapefruit can be detrimental in people with compromised liver function, because of it’s effect on a liver enzyme. People with healthy livers, no problem. In addition, people taking certain types of medications that are metabolized by this enzyme pose a problem too. The list of drugs affected is large, so please consult your pharmacist. Other citrus fruits do not interact with these types of drugs.


    Posted by Phil | July 19, 2009, 11:20 am