Why Omega-3?


So you might have noticed the media’s emphasis on life’s daily essentials such as beta carotene, antioxidants, and Omega 3 fatty acid but what are they really?  We’ll skip out on the first 2 items for the sake of this article and focus on Omega-3s.

Benefits to adding Omega-3 to your diet:

Boosted brain power. Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. Lowered blood pressure. Improved eye health. These are just four of the many health benefits of a diet rich in Omega-3 fats.

Since the body cannot make its own Omega-3 fats, they must be taken in through the diet or in the form of a supplement. Omega-3s are found naturally in seafood such as salmon and tuna, as well as in vegetable sources like pumpkin and flax seeds and walnuts.

Omega-3s are heart friendly because they:

  • Decrease the risk of irregular heart rhythms
  • Reduce clumping together of platelets (small particles in the blood which can cause dangerous clotting)
  • Decrease the growth rate of fatty plaques which clog arteries
  • Lessen levels of triglyceride – a type of fat linked to heart disease

Foods rich in Omega-3, or ‘good fats’ help compensate for ‘bad’ fatty acids like Omega-6. Many people fail to maintain a healthy balance of these good and bad fats. The good news? Just two servings of seafood per week can help you restore that balance.

When it comes to your health, seafood is a great catch. Why? Because it is high in protein, low in fat, and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Eating seafood helps control cholesterol, heal dry skin, regulate blood clotting, and fight depression and anxiety disorders.

Because seafood helps protect the heart from irregular heart beats, it also protects against heart disease. In addition, fish oils boost the immune system, which, among other benefits, can help prevent the spread of cancer by destroying cancerous cells.

Thanks to the Fish House for the awesome fish details.

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