What the Fat?

FatburgrEver wonder how many calories are in a Big Mac or a Whopper?  Some of you might not want to know, some of you may regret it after finding out, but for the rest of you conscious eaters out there here’s a website that might be able help you make smart food choices.

Fatburgr.com is easy and simple way to look up calories from your favourite restaurants and fast food joints without having to dig through corporate websites to find a food facts page.

Fatburgr makes it convenient to look up as well as browse through hundreds of listings all categorized by name or by types of food.  Fatburgr focuses on the larger chain type restaurants but more food listings are being added daily.

For you Iphone guys and gals out there Fatburgr even features  as an iphone friendly browser when you visit their site to help you navigate through the categories faster.

Give it a try!


Fatburgr Page


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