The Goodness of Sesame & Flax Oil

Flaxseed Sesame Oils

There are many reasons why we should add more oils to our diets but which ones are good for you and which ones aren’t?  Oil is fat but in these cases it’s the good kind that we all need to help build a healthy digestive system that also essential to our immune and central nervous system.  We’re talking about adding flaxseed and sesame seed oils to our daily foods.

Move over olive oil and make room for some Flax and Olive oil!

Flaxseed: comes from a blue flower plant that is grown in central Canada with seeds rich in oil.  This natural oil in flax seeds are the richest source of Omega-3 fats found in any plant and is considered essential to the health of your body systems.   Flax seeds contain 50% more omega-3 oils than what you can find from taking fish oils.

Flaxseeds vitamins include:  B, potassium, magnesium, fiber, protein, and zinc.

Adding Flaxseed oil to your diet by:  adding the oils or seeds to your salad but make sure you do not cook with it.

Sesame Oil: is an edible vegetable oil made from sesame seeds which are used in many Asian and Indian dishes.  There are a large number of benefits associated with adding sesame oil to your diet and they include: lowering body sugar, rich source of antioxidants, lowering blood pressure, cutting your chances of heart disease, and is considered a cancer fighting agent.


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