Running anyone?

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Run yourself to a healthy lifestyle ~

I bet you have that friend or co-worker who loves to jog on weekends and run in those those half marathons around town.  I can also guess that after these guys finish telling their stories of their glorious runs you end up being a bit envious and intimidated all at the same time saying to yourself “wow i wish I could do that…but it’s really hard”.

First things first, marathon runners aren’t born they’re made.  Anyone can run a long distance but it just takes time to build up your strength and stamina to do it.  All you need to get started are a decent pair of running shoes (cross trainers or runners) and some comfortable workout clothes.

Tips to getting started:

1.  Plan/schedule a designated time devoted to your running exercise.  After or before work.  You’ll find yourself more dedicated and you’ll feel more guilty staring at your calendar when you miss a run.

2.  Getting your gear.  You’re just running so don’t go overboard on the headbands, sweat bands, or new Ipods.   Keep it simple with a pair of runners/cross trainers and comfortable clothing (shorts & T-shirt).  For the ladies, buy a quality and well fitted sports bra preferably with sweat wicking material.

3.  Set a goal for yourself either based on distance or or time.  Be realistic and don’t overdue anything.  A good start off pace would be 1KM or 20 minutes. As you get stronger you will start to go further in a shorter amount of time.  Increase your time and distance as you feel more comfortable.

4.  Stretch before and after your run/jog.  Very important that you get your muscles ready for strenuous work.  You can expect to be sore after your first few trips out especially  in the legs.  Leg pains don’t last very long but if you do feel any discomfort anywhere else in your body you may want to stop running for a week before you try again.

Remember not to overdue anything, start off slow and progress gradually and you’ll be running 5KM in no time!


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  1. What does it mean when your shins really hurt after running? It’s almost throbbing when I’m finished. It’s not as bad the next day.

    Posted by Mat | July 27, 2009, 1:47 am
  2. They’re usually called shin splints and you get them when you jump, run, or sprint for long periods of time. They usually go away after a few runs but if it still hurts you should see a doctor.

    Posted by panda | July 28, 2009, 7:04 pm