Is Krill Oil the new Fish Oil?

Krill Oil

Krill are tiny sea crustaceans that are extremely low on the oceanic food chain that no one’s ever heard of but now it’s the new health craze that’s bolstering Alternative medicine into the mainstream media.  Krill oil is an excellent source of animal based omega-3 fatty acid and antioxidents.

Now here’s the interesting part.  Krill oil is SUPERIOR to fish oil because it contains more antioxidants and is less perishable.

It is highly recommended that Krill oil be taken along in conjunction with other healthy habits like exercising, getting enough sleep and eating right.

Benefits of Krill Oil:

  • A healthy heart
  • Support for concentration, memory & learning
  • Blood sugar health
  • Healthy joints, with an increase in joint comfort
  • Fighting your signs of aging
  • Healthy brain and nervous system function and development
  • Protection for cell membranes
  • Cholesterol and other blood lipid health
  • Helps improve liver functions
  • Relief of normal PMS symptoms
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Healthy mood support
  • Great for skin health

Do not take Krill oil if you are on blood thinners or if you’re allergic to seafood.

Here’s a video of Dr. Mercola explaining some of the importances of Krill Oil.

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