Can Curry fight Cancer?

Indian Curry

Can a key spice found in Indian curry dishes be the key to fight off cancer? Studies show that curcumin, which is an active ingredient found in the the herb turmeric used in most Indian curry dishes was proven to help stop the spread of breast cancer tumor cells to the lungs of mice.

Medical doctors from the University of Texas have launched vigorous clinical tests to see if these effects are the same among humans and studies show that people with high levels of turmeric in their diets are less likely to develop prostate, breast, lung, and colon cancer.


Studies conducted by lead physician Bharat Aggarwal has shown that cancers are ten times less likely on the Indian subcontinent than in the West.

Another key note on curcumin in comparison to chemotherapy is that curcumin is very low in toxicity, which means patients are able to consume higher doses with no side effects.

So the next question is, where do you buy curcumin and how much does it cost?  You can buy curcumin in supplement form at your nearest natural pharmacy and be sure to pick up the kind that is 95% curcumin.  Bottles (60 capsules) of curcumin go for about $10 and the recommended dosage is 400-600mg 3 times daily.

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