Viva La Vida Toronto! – *Reviewed*


The Viva La Vida Tour is back in Toronto for the second time around.  Chris Martin and his crew are back in our town after previously making up for the mixed up tour dates from last year where they were supposed to play two consecutive nights at the Air Canada Centre in August but who’s really complaining?

Be ready for a great show with many Coldplay favourites tunes like: Clocks, Yellow, In my Place, Viva la Vida, and The Scientist! I’ll be there 7:30 sharp and hope to see you guys there!

And for those who can’t make it out check out to download their free album “Left Right Left Right Left” made up of songs from a previous concert!

Opening performance by:  Elbow
Show stars at 7:30pm
Location:  Rogers Centre

* * * * * Update * * * * *

The Coldplay concert was great!  The band kept on pushing out hits after hits of chart topping songs that it kept us guessing all night long to what the encores would be.   The group was energetic and the atmosphere was amazing with Chris Martin incorporating “Toronto” whenver he could into his song and even joked about the crowds having to climb over the mountains of garbage to get to the concert.

Coldplay excited the crowd with their routine relocation of the stage, playing a few songs from a different a part of the stadium  and even played tribute to the late Michael Jackson with their rendition of Billie Jean.

On another note, I have to remind everyone that the Rogers Centre isn’t the most ideal place to hold a concert.  The music kept fading away on the sides and the groups’ voices were muffled because of this.

The opening act Elbow also put on a good show with some notable songs such as “One Day Like this” and Starlings.

All in all it was an entertaining night and everyone at the concert left with a free Coldplay CD – LeftRightLeftRight (as mentioned above) for free!

Coldplay 2

Track List:

1.  Violet Hill
2.  Clocks
3.   In My Place
4.   Yellow
5.   Glass of Water
6.   Cemeteries of London
7.  42
8. Fix You
9. Strawberry Swing
10. God put a smile on my face
11. talk
12. Hardest Part
13. Viva La Vida
14. Lost
15. Green Eyes
16. Death will never Conquer (Will Champion on vocals)
17. Billie Jean (Michael Jackon cover)
18. Politik
19. Lovers in Japan
20. Death and all his Friends

22. Scientist
23. Life in Technicolour 2


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