Veggie Valentine

Want to be someone’s Veggie Valentine this February 14th?

Enter the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s (TVA) poetry contest to win a free vegetarian feast for two at L.A.B Restaurant!

Meatless Mondays and the Toronto Vegetarian Association have teamed up with vegetarian chef Howard Dubrovsky, to create a pairing that is nothing short of poetic.  L.A.B. restaurant, which is normally closed Mondays, will open up just in honour of Meatless Mondays and become a vegetarian restaurant for the day, with a special vegetarian Valentine’s fixed price menu created by Howard.  All you need to do is write your best veggie-friendly love poem and you could win a green feast at L.A.B. Restaurant on Valentine’s Day! Plus, a random draw will be done for the runner-up prize.

The rules are simple.

Draft your winning poem and visit to enter. All you need to enter is your name, your email and your poem.

The deadline to enter is February 4th and the winners will be announced on February 11th.

Click here to enter the contest now!