Toronto’s First Annual Vegan Expo

Community members inaugurate the launch of the Toronto Animal Rights and Vegan Expo (TARVE) across CTV on May 28, 2011.  The Canadian premiere event brings exclusive guests, award winning film screenings, public educators, and free vegan food to all Torontonians from 12 to 10 pm.

Event Open: 12 pm, till 10pm.

Dress Code: Casual

Date: Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tickets:  Free

Michael Langfield, Toronto-based author of soon-to-be released book The Interconnectedness of Life and founder of the ambient and space net label Ambient New World and TARVE, sets off the outdoor expo across CTV.  Exclusive screenings of award winning films including Earthlings takes place at the Parliament Street Library.

Location: 299 Queen St. (Queen St. and John St.) at the CTV/Bell Media building 12pm – 4pm.  Parliament Street Library (269 Gerrard St. East) 5pm – 10pm for film, lectures, entertainment and food.

Narrated by Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix and featuring music by platinum-selling recording artist Moby, the film offers groundbreaking investigative journalism on the role of non-human animals in food, fashion, entertainment, and medical research.

The expo brings an exclusive public talk with former Michigan-based beef farmer who is also featured the award-winning film Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home.  Winning several awards at Canada International Film Festival, Berkshire International Film Festival, Moondance Film Festival, Peace on Earth Film Festival, the film reveals first-hand experience and awakening conscience of individuals who grew up in traditional farming culture and contributing towards a compassionate lifestyle.

TARVE also proudly features Dr. Louis Massey who will be offering his lecture titled The Delicious Art of Vegan Cooking.  Louis Massey is a Professor of Computer Science at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. His research in Artificial Intelligence has been published in various specialized journals and he has given talks in North America, Europe and Australia. He also has interests in the human and social aspects of computing. Louis is also a visual artist and fiction writer. He is an avid cook and takes great pleasure in mixing arts and vegan food.

Dr.  Massey’s talk follows Samita Nandy’s lecture titled The Green Celebrities. Samita Nandy is a Doctoral candidate in Media and Information at Curtin University and certified Broadcast Journalist. Her work is sponsored by international and national, federal and provincial, grants and awards in Canada and Australia. Her international media relations led her to be featured with Global Television’s Anwar Knight and Allison Annesley on Daytime and prime-time show First Local on Rogers Television; CTV’s Breaking News CP 24; ATN Television Network; CINA 1650 AM; US Quarterly Rivaaj; Canadian Weekly Starbuzz, Mississauga News, and India Journal; Canadian Monthly Desi News, and Bollywood celebrity magazine Cineblitz. Nandy holds teaching expertise at University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and Curtin University. She also serves as the Communication Director at non-profit arts organization Nouveau iDEA and is a Celebrity Cultural Critic at Starbuzz Media for over 20,000 readers in the Greater Toronto Area.

TARVE acknowledges media support of Nouveau iDEA that exists to promote artists of various cultures.  With over 7,000+ members and 70,000 and online readers across the world, Nouveau iDEA brings the arts and entertainment community together under a multicultural umbrella that celebrates our differences, encourages communication and continues to allow a diverse cross section of artists to flourish.

The premiere event is open and free to all public and offers free membership and subscription to TARVE, Nouveau iDEA.  For complete programme, visit

TARVE (Toronto Animal Rights & Vegan Expo) founded in 2010, is a grassroots organization developing public educational programmes addressing human and non-human animal rights, modern slavery, feminism, and vegan living in health.  The organization develops events throughout the year including the annual expo which takes place every spring to celebrate love and compassion.


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