Tequila & More Sampling Show

Everything you know about tequila is about to get better!Tequila is more than just a drink – it is an experience, a lifestyle, and a culture. Whether you are young or old, an experienced tequila connoisseur, or have never tried tequila in your life, there is something for everyone at this unique event.Sample tequila and enjoy authentic Latin foods, mezcal, beer, and music!

Do you know someone who lives in abject fear of tequila? You mention the word and they go pale, shake their head frantically and stammer out that no, they’re not interested because of a bad experience. Not that there’s anything wrong with licking salt, slamming a popper or sucking on a lime, but not all tequilas are created the same! Like wine and single-malt scotch, tequila tastes different depending on who makes it, the process used, and the growing environment of the Blue Agave (tequila’s defining ingredient).

Location:  Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, Constitution Hall – 4pm – 10pm


4:00pm – Live Latin Jazz with The Reposadists
5:00pm – Opening Words with the Consul General of Mexico, Ambassador Toussaint, and Tequila Information Session with Daniela Solis Palomera, TRC
5:30pm – Live Latin Jazz with The Reposadists
7:00pm – Tequila 101 Tutored Tasting with Ian Chadwick
8:00pm – Mixology Demo with Brian Van Flandern
8:45pm – Live Latin Jazz with The Reposadists

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At the door $50
Online:  $45
Groups of 10 or more:  $35
Designated Driver: $30

This event will finally give you the opportunity to taste some of the best tequila available without having to spend a fortune and gamble on the chance that you’ll like the taste.

At the Tequila & More  Show you will be able to try a huge variety of Tequila brands that may or may not available at LCBO.

Types of Tequila: Mixto, Silver, Gold, Reposado, Anejo, plus flavored tequilas and last but not least mezcal…it’s enough to make your head spin before you even have a sip. Learn more about different tequila types at Tequila and More Show!
Tequila FAQ: Should there be a worm in the bottle? Are different types of tequila really all that different? How regulated is the production? Get your answers at the Tequila and more Show with expert Ian Chadwick.
Tequila Tasting Tips: Fine tequila is sipped like a vintage scotch or cognac. You’ll have an opportunity to taste the differences between brands and distillation methods. Perhaps low end tequilas can benefit from salt and lime but we are featuring the best.
For Those Who Like Mixed Drinks: We’ve all heard of Margaritas & Tequila Sunrises. Thanks to some creative Mixologists, tequila based cocktails are endless! Well, move over vodka!
About that worm? It’s merely a marketing ploy by an American distributor of Tequila products. If you need a worm, bring your own.

The first distilled drink and first commercially produced alcohol on the continent was tequila. Indigenous Mexicans, way back at the dawn of history, took the sap of the maguey plant and fermented it. Once the Spanish Conquistadors arrived, the party began and this brandy from the Weber blue agave plant, azul, began a new life.

Just as with fine wines and whiskeys, to be a Tequila, according to the Mexican government, the agave has to be distilled in the state of Jalisco in which the small town of Tequila is nestled in a valley.

Fine tequila is sipped like a vintage scotch or cognac. You’ll have an opportunity to taste the differences between brands and distillation methods. Perhaps low end tequilas can benefit from salt and lime but we are featuring the best.

The word tequila itself is a mystery. It is said to be an ancient Nahuatl term. The Nahuatl were the original people who lived in the area. The word means “the place of harvesting plants.”

Agave, the plant from which tequila is distilled, played a much larger role than just being the source of an alcoholic drink. Its leaves were used for a hemp-like fiber to make mats, clothing, rope and paper. It was also the source of the nutrient and vitamin-rich brew, pulque.

Mixology Demo


“Luxury Drops: The new way of Drinking Don Julio”

8pm Constitution Hall, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Cost: Free
(valid only with admission ticket)

Please join Brian Van Flandern, Michelin Five Star Mixologist and Global Brand Ambassador for Don Julio as he showcases Tequila Mixology and Don Julio Luxury Drops.

During the inaugural World Class 2009 competition, Don Julio was, of course, the Tequila of choice. The event was held in London and hosted by some of the biggest icons in the industry, who met for an unprecedented gathering to experiment with Don Julio and discuss new and innovative ways of consuming the luxury spirit. Gurus like Dale DeGroff, Salvatore Calabrese, Gary Regan and Peter Dorelli casually met at Simon Difford’s bar and worked side by side with some of London’s best mixologists to create and taste original recipes.

After a few hours of creative mixing and tasting the results emerged, and they didn’t disappoint. Dozens of recipes were created that showcase Tequila Don Julio in a balanced ritualistic fashion. These Luxury Drops take advantage of the party image that Tequila enjoys while maintaining Don Julio’s reputation as a prestige spirit by accentuating the remarkable flavour profile through phenomenal mixology.

The session itself was masterminded by Don Julio, with the intention of creating cocktails that push the boundaries with mixology. Currently Don Julio is reaching out to mixologists all around the world and compiling new Luxury Drops that will be compiled into a booklet that will be shared with the world.

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