Taste for Justice: June 1-30.2010

Taste for Justice

Dine out this month to support Amnesty International to build a safer world for women.

How can you help? Find this an excuse to go out to eat with your family and friend and plan an event at a participating Taste for Justice restaurant!

Each participating restaurant will donate a percentage of food sales to help women’s charities.  Please check out the list and find a great cause to have a night on the town.

Participating Taste for Justice Restaurants:

Alizé Restaurant & Catering

Alternative Grounds
Donating % of proceeds from Colombian coffee throughout the month of June.

Banjara Indian Cuisine
June 14

Dufflet Pastries
416.504.2870 416.484.9080 416.699.4900
Donating $1 from the sale of each chocolate raspberry truffle cake at our 3 cafés throughout the month of June.

Free Times Café
Participating every Monday in June, donating 50 cents from the sale of each lemonade.

Groundswell Coffee House

Queen Mother Café
June 8

Rectory Café

Rodney’s Oyster House

Tinto Coffee House
June 1-15.

Date:  June 1- 30.2010
Taste for Justice website:
Click Here

If you’re interested in having your restaurant participate in this cause please read this:

Taste for Justice is an exciting opportunity for businesses in the food industry to support Amnesty International’s work on women’s human rights. As Taste for Justice partners, restaurants will be helping build a safer and more just world for women while giving their clientele a meaningful dining experience, and giving new customers a good reason to come by.

Here is a downloadable version of our ‘Do-it-yourself Restaurant Liaison Kit’. If you are unable to print out high quality copies of our marketing sheets, please contact us attasteforjustice@amnesty.ca.


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