Gordon Ramsay’s Chef’s Challenge

Gordon Ramsay Chef's Challenge

Celebrity chefs continue to duel it out this weekend in an epic battle for culinary supremacy and while they’re at it reamed out by our favourite disgruntled British restauranteur from Hell, Gordon Ramsay.   The last of a two day event at the Carlu, with Chef Ramsay hosting and judging the event to raise money for cancer care at the Mount Sinai Hospital.

Top Toronto Chef’s participating in the event include:  David Rocco, Jamie Kennedy, Lynn Crawford, Mark McEwan, and Massimo Capra.

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“Here’s your chance to show off your culinary skills inmy kitchen arena! Think you have what it takes to go against the best? Then register for your chance to battle with & against self proclaimed foodies and an all-star line up of Toronto’s top celebrity chefs! 

Toronto, I dare you to rise to the challenge. Step into my kitchen and help us raise awareness and much needed funds for Mount Sinai Hospital’s vital research and care of women in their daily battle against breast and ovarian cancer.”

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