First Annual Veggie Pride Parade 2010

veggie pride

Where being “Veg” get rock star treatment – Lettuce bikinis, marching bands, and Bollywood! – Join the veggie parade and strut your stuff.  Inspired by the similar parades in New York, Rome, and in LA, vegans and vegetarians from all walks of life are coming together to show that adopting a “cruelty-free diet” is fabulous!

Date: June 5.2010
Location: Bloor and  Yonge
Time: 11:30am
Route: South along Yonge St. to Dundas Square.

The parade will feature anything and everything from fire fighters to burlesque dancers, lettuce-bikinied individuals, Grupo Axe Capoeira, contortionists, acrobats, and Bollywood dancers!

The focus of the parade is the celebration of a vegetarian lifestyle a choice regardless of reason.

“Vegetarians and vegans are often very socially conscious and compassionate people, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have a good time”

What to do as a PARTICIPANT in the Toronto Veggie Pride Parade while marching?

(Please Note: There will be a prize for best costume!)

  • Wear pro-veggie or pro-farm animal themed costumes
  • Use Facepaint
  • Wear pro-veggie logo’d t-shirts
  • Bring or make pro-veggie related signs/posters (i.e. posters saying: Veggie Mom, Veggie Student, Veggie Doctor, Veggie Artist, Veggie Baby, Veggie Dog, etc.),
  • Dance down the street,
  • Drum (Yembe) down the street,
  • Bring Pom Poms,
  • Hula Hoop down the street,
  • Skip Rope down the street,
  • Juggle (apples & oranges) down the street,
  • Blow Bubbles (Bubble makers) down the street,
  • Skateboard down the street,
  • Rollerblade/skate down the street,
  • Bring a manual Scooter to ride on down the street,
  • Bike ride in the parade, etc

Photo review by saguarostrength

Photo review by saguarostrength

Photo review by greensong

Photo review by greensong


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