East Scarborough Community Festival Market

The East Scarborough Festival Market is going strong in it’s fifth year with rave reviews and support form the community. The Festival Market has become a safe place for residents to mingle and socialize and quickly turned into an integral event of summer to which people look forward each week with great anticipation.

Look out for the vegetable and fruit stands and numerous vendors, food merchants, BBQ, art exhibits, information booths, youth and child activities and entertainment.

Starts: June 2, 2011
Ends: August 25, 2011
Time: 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM

St. Margaret’s Parkette
4130 Lawrence Avenue East

Lawrence & Morningside

Scarborough is a safe, well-educated and prosperous community. The Storefront contributes to making the impossible possible by providing accessible sites for community members of all ages and cultures to find and share solutions they need to live healthy lives, find meaningful work, play and thrive. We are seen as an excellent model for sustainable social innovation and transformation in communities.

They are a partnership of community members and services working together to create a thriving community in East Scarborough. This is done by acting as bridges between people, services and communities, working together in safe, welcoming and accessible environments, nurturing diversity and harmony and exploring possibilities.

– Participation from community members at every level
– Inclusive approach in all our work
– Commitment to marginalized and low-income populations
– Proactive commitment to full equity principles
– Commitment to facilitating good, respectful process in all decision making
– Responsive to community needs
– Reflective of diverse communities
– Integrity and transparency in all functions

PRIORITIES – 2008-2013
In 2008 the Storefront set the following priorities in order to attain our vision:

  1. Keep the core strong
  2. Advocate for and work to improve accessible, safe places, sites and spaces in the community
  3. Build the capacity of community members to play leading roles in reaching the vision
  4. Reach out and connect with new people so that people will know of the great things happening in our community
  5. Support community wide initiatives and experiences with other communities and initiatives


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